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This web site about c programming.
You can find c codes at this place. You can find applications and code examples for c language.
You can download hundreds of c code examples. C examples are free for you.

You can learn the c programming language. You can learn how to write program in c language.
You can use c source codes and sample codes. You can find everything about how to learn c, c training,
c for windows, c string, microsoft c, c array, c games, c library, c classes, c guide, c linux, c pointers,
c coding, c for beginners, c gui, c basics, ansi c, c ide, embedded c, c lessons, c concepts, recursive c …
8) Happy Codings …

C Code Examples

        C > C on Unix
        C > Code Snippets
        C > Gnu-Linux
        C > Mathematics
        C > Miscellaneous
        C > Small Programs

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